Soul Spa

Monthly Membership Healing Group

A Divinely led energetic healing spa for you and your soul!


What is Gretchen’s Soul Spa?

A private community to support your healing and growth. A safe place where we can experience and discuss the beautiful unfolding of discovering our inner LIGHT. Breaking through the blocks, barriers and programming to access more and more of your Divine purpose and truth.

What is included?

  • Private group setting moderated by me to discuss, share, learn and get tools for support

  • Bi-weekly group remote healing sessions

  • Mini-private healing sessions as needed

  • Discounted personalized full remote healing sessions if wanted

  • Once a month live zoom calls with healing, discussion, teachings and closer bonding

What is alchemy?

Alchemy uses the frequencies of love, grace, joy and so much more to move out fear, pain, shame, guilt, anger etc. I use powerful key codes, photon bands of light, complex energetic constructs for healing (the quantum field along with my angelic healing team and personal gifts). Everything has a frequency and that is what I work with. Dis-ease, negative emotions, destructive patterns, toxins….are all frequency based. Just like love, joy, bliss, peace have a frequency. I am Divinely guided to do only what’s in the best interest for whomever I work on. Using alchemy I can heal layers upon layers of dense low frequencies to raise your overall vibration.

My biggest purpose is to remove layers and blockages so that you can access more of your soul’s truth.

Dis-ease, pain, anger, fatigue are not the truth of us. We are all Divine beings of light having an incredible learning and growth experience. We forget our truth on this dense planet but that’s ok. If it feels right, then it’s your time to clear away all the gunk to remember the truth of who YOU are.

YOU. Yes you, are so blindingly beautiful. I love your soul. I see beyond the pain, the fear, the guilt, the shame and more that is not your truth. Underneath it all YOU are divinity in form. Having a learning and growing experience. I’m in awe at your light.

I love you ❤️
— Gretchen Stewart

Most of my clients have come to me by word of mouth. Some have been new to energy healing and some already had a spiritual background but were ready to break through blocks and barriers. I love the eclectic beautiful mix of all the wonderful people that I’ve had the honor to serve. I’ve found in the clients I work with consistently month after month have the most profound changes.

Some weren’t ready for full on immersive healing and some needed more than an occasional healing. And one morning while sipping my coffee I felt the urge to get out my notebook and I proceeded to write out the details for Soul Spa. An accessible private community for support, growth and healing alchemy.

On my own path of growth I’ve had moments of loneliness until I found a supportive community who “got me”. People on a similar healing path who felt the ups and downs mixed with the quantum leaps of understanding and healing. It can get a little messy sometimes and having a tight knit community, in addition to the healing support can be profoundly life changing.

What is the cost and commitment?

My goal is to make this powerful healing accessible to MORE of you. For just $100 a month you receive twice a week group healings as well as mini-healings as needed. You will receive the group support and private community with others that have shared experiences and interests. The commitment is one month at a time. The longer you stay in the community receiving healings, the better your results will be but you are not required to stay longer than one month. As a member of this community you also receive a discounted private healing session price if you choose additional healing! All sessions are remote so you never have to do a thing. Interaction with the community is encouraged but not required. The once a month live interactive Zoom call is a bonus but again, not mandatory.

“You always have a light within you. But you don’t turn toward it.
Instead you see this light shining on outer objects. You chase these objects
looking for the light. But you are only seeing the reflection of the light within.
You run seeking satisfaction from the objects that have caught the reflection
of your inner light.”

— Papaji