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In this revolutionary and refreshing personal growth book, author and philanthropist, Gretchen Stewart, simplifies how to take an intentional and intellectual approach to this increasingly complex world. Using personal anecdotes, real life letters, and a common sense perspective, she tackles the complicated struggles of the modern era. Each chapter is designed to help you:

-Decrease the stress of daily demands and increase focus
-Learn to live unapologetically with intention and authenticity
-Create a life of freedom that you love

Simplicity will bring clarity as you deconstruct the stress-inducing complexity that keeps you from being your best you! You’ll learn how to rewrite your life; it’s time to stop task-list living, and become an authentic work of art. Simplicity isn’t just a philosophy, it’s a way of existing. Eliminate the overwhelm and start cultivating your life of freedom, focus, and joy. 


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"This book is so incredibly worth the read! I want to buy it for every female that I know but obviously don’t have the money for that soooo if you get the chance READ IT! 

I had the humbling opportunity to be a part-time nanny for Gretchen and her family when I lived in Delray and let me tell you, those two children are the most genuine, brilliant, and creative kids that I have ever met (let me add they are only 3 and 6). And now it is so easy to see why after reading this book! Like most people in the world today, I have seen and endured struggle of my own, but while reading this book you truly enable yourself to discover who YOU ARE! Life is so short and sweet and we shouldn’t waste it with the sickening ideology of needing, wanting, and thinking that we must do better, be better, and have better than everyone around us. Because the truth is (like Gretchen says in her book) NO ONE CARES. I have learned to live for myself and if that doesn’t satisfy others then so be it. Because here I am... SIMPLY, living and breathing. 

I want to encourage you all to do the same"

Bailey T.

Gretchen Stewart is the founder of Sunshine Press and the philanthropic Élan Project. She uplifts the world with her writing and speaking sharing unique insights that have brought her joy, purpose and peace. Her passion is writing with published book Simplicity, The Choice, and many more to come.  Hosting Joy Of Living Masterminds and Retreats in exotic locations worldwide, she is able to help transform others with her indomitable spirit.  From the innovative philosophy of her “Joy Manifesto,” to her published books on overcoming challenges and finding joy, to inspirational speaking; Gretchen is an unstoppable dervish of positivity.

Gretchen Stewart

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After suffering from an illness for almost a decade, I'm dedicated to healing my body and sharing my insight to help you heal yours.

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