Joy Of Living Mastermind

Joy Of Living Mastermind

Community. Transformation. Elevation.

Joy Of Living Mastermind

Join our exclusive community to help you squeeze the joy out of living! You’ll think bigger and be surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things. Our purpose is elevating our life and the lives around us.

Why: We help each other navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others. As a group we will learn from each other, grow in our wisdom and transform into our best selves.

Who: Anyone who wants more out of life. You are ready to live life fully, unapologetically and desire to make a positive impact on the world.

What: We collaborate, learn from others with unique experiences and perspectives, are a part of a supportive community, network with each other, increase abundance.

When: We meet virtually once a month and have a secret Facebook group. Access to mentor and peers as often as you need for ongoing support.



  • Groups are limited in size in order to give the attention needed to each person.
  • All members must qualify through an initial interview, and be of similar purpose.
  • Questions and topics can be submitted in advance
  • Special guest speakers
  • Secret Facebook group, unlimited access for questions, answers, collaboration, etc.
  • Access to Gretchen via email for questions, concerns, mentorship
  • 30 minute 1:1 call every 90 days with Gretchen
  • Each member will receive a copy of Gretchen’s book The Choice to be published summer of 2017.
  • Monthly group recorded video conference of 90 minutes
  • Turns taken so all can speak and ask questions.
  • Doesn’t matter where you live—anywhere in the world.
  • Be the first to receive info and priority reservation for upcoming Joy Of Living Retreats in exotic locations around the world (1-3 a year)


  1. Focus on your goals
  2. Find and follow your purpose
  3. Live with joy
  4. Simplify life
  5. Stress reduction
  6. Productivity
  7. Authentic living
  8. Marketing/branding
  9. Healthy habits
  10. Mindset tools
  11. Find balance
  12. Aspiring writers: tips
  13. Goal planning
  14. Brainstorming
  15. Increase and upgrade your network
  16. Create abundance



  • Everyone signs a non-disclosure so we can all freely discuss and collaborate
  • Limited group size and registration periods.
  • The Joy Of Living Mastermind is by invitation or qualify through application and interview



Valued at $2600.
Beta group will be $650 payable in monthly payments of $54.16 or $600 up front payment.


Gretchen Strait Stewart

A message from Gretchen:

After being an entrepreneur for several years and flourishing with the support of mentors and masterminds; I felt compelled to create my own. I decided to create a community of smart people who are ready to do big things. I love having the shared experience of a tight knit group moving courageously in the direction of our calling, and supporting each other along the way.

As a servant leader, I support you in seeing and committing to your vision. I recognize your innate brilliance and leadership and will walk with you every step of the way, to help your dreams come to fruition.

I have always been inspired by those that want to make a positive change in their life and are following their calling to do something great. Those that desire to leave the status quo behind and rise above mediocrity. Are you ready to elevate your life?

By saying YES to the Joy Of Living Mastermind, you are placing yourself in a position of incredible transformation. I will be with you every step of the way, as well the community of other driven members.

Will you join us?

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Gretchen Strait Stewart

Who is Gretchen?

Gretchen is an author and the founder of Sunshine Press, a boutique publishing company. She leads Joy Of Living Retreats in exotic locations throughout the world, teaching subjects such as: minimalism, mindfulness, following your purpose, living authentically,  stress reduction, healthy habits, powerful positive mindset tools and more.

With an extensive nursing career ranging from ER, ICU, management and teaching... to volunteering in disaster zones.... to becoming a world traveler.... to owning a two bar/restaurants in Costa Rica.... to becoming a life and health coach... to battling a debilitating illness and pulling herself out of the depths of despair......Gretchen offers a unique perspective on transformation, resilience and finding joy. Her simple but bold approach comes from a place of love and nurturing which is easy to understand and implement.

Joy Of Living Retreat

If now is not the time for you to join this journey, check out the
Joy Of Living Retreat, a gorgeous 5 day retreat in Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica. This may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica

Joy Of Living Retreat

Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica