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Joy Of Living Mastermind

I spent roughly 5 years battling a debilitating illness. Throughout this time I had periods of such fatigue that I could barely lift my legs and get off the couch. Some days I would just cry, and cry. I felt like I had so much more to offer the world and most importantly, I felt my family deserved the WHOLE me and not just the shell that was trying to mask the fatigue and pain.

I'm grateful for this pain and suffering I endured.

Deep inside I knew there was a reason...a silver lining...a purpose. Every time I thought I found it, I'd be knocked over again though. I'd ask WHY?? Why was my suffering so endless?

Gretchen Strait Stewart

I filled my time reading books, researching science and looking for answers. It wasn't until I did a few key things including shutting out all the noise of other people's opinions that I was able to emerge my cocoon to fully be my gloriously flawed self. At the same time I found my doctor, I was emotionally growing.

Since I've had this physical healing and emotional awakening, I've founded my publishing company Sunshine Press. I've written 10 children's books soon to be published. I've co-authored a book coming out this summer (details are just about to be released!) and I'm currently writing another to be published this fall. I've been sought out and asked to speak at the Massachusetts Women's Conference (select few speakers in front of 10,000 women leaders), I have my first Joy Of Living Retreat in Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica and am planning two more in 2018.

I'm not saying this to brag but to show you the magic that can happen with self examination and surrounding yourself with others that LIFT you higher. A huge part of my success is the people I very carefully curate in my life. It's my mission to use my experiences and knowledge to serve you.

With that I'm starting the Joy Of Living Mastermind. We'll have a hand selected group of people who want to learn and grow into who they were meant to be.

We'll use the collective conscious of a driven group of people and tackle subjects like:
-finding your purpose
-living authentically
-creating abundance
-creating your life message
-serving ourselves then using our gifts to serve others

and more!

We will be starting this group in June and I only have a few more spots. 3-6 at the most.

Here is some more info, but most importantly, please reach out to me for any questions you may have!