maximizing your day

Maximizing Your Day

gretchen stewart maximize your day

Yesterday I was invited to speak on a Maximizing Your Day Panel with Erica Castner of It was a great local event in Ft Myers, FL with powerful women business leaders in the community. I was honored to be on the panel with these incredible women.

Since it was a private event, I'm sharing below a snippet of my answers.

  1. How do you have the energy for so many projects?
    I put my health first. After a long illness and battling debilitating fatigue I learned that I had to put my oxygen mask on first. I sleep 8-9 hours a night, eat healthy, take my supplements, rest when I need to and say no to things that sap my energy.

  2. Where do you find the confidence to do what you love?
    Once I simplified all aspects of my life, I was able to see things clearer. I have a book coming out this fall called Simplicity which dives deep into this but to summarize: eliminating other people's opinions and expectations is one way I grew confident. I stopped revolving my life about perceived societal expectations. The less I consumed other opinions and quieted my mind, I gained clarity and perspective. The fear of being 100% authentically me dissipated. I started living life on my own terms.

  3. How do you choose your power team?
    Two ways. After embracing Simplicity I was able to cull the people in my life that were energy suckers, rubbed me the wrong way or had too much negativity. I carry that over in business as well. Also, I took a test called Wealth Dynamics which was one of the most insightful personality tests I've taken. It shows where you are on the spectrum and what to look for when picking a team to grow your business. I'm a Creator and I need detail oriented people, deal makers/negotiators, networkers to help grow my business. If I put too much energy into the things I'm not strong at, I get burned out. We all do. It's about balance and finding the people that compliment your weaknesses because we can't do it all

  4. How do you have the TIME for all of your projects?
    I take baby steps every day. I intend to grow my businesses but also enjoy my life. I put my health, family and creativity time over anything else. Each day I take some quality, uninterrupted focus time on one project. Multitasking saps our creativity and lowers our IQ. Short bursts of intense focus then I let it go. I do not burn the midnight oil. I do not lose quality sleep. I just chip away. Some things I move fast when I'm on a creative run and other times I slow down if I need to. I'm no longer in competition with anyone else. I'm only driven by my creativity (Simplicity mindset I talk about in my book) and passion so my projects have become FUN.

  5. How do you take action on your ideas? Once I know I have an amazing idea, I just move forward before I have all the answers. I let myself be a little ignorant because over research is paralyzing. One day I called my lawyer and told her I wanted to form a publishing company. I did it before I had my business plan. A few weeks ago I called her and told her I wanted to form a nonprofit. I just do it. And then I slowly chip away at the details, I get people on board to help me. Don't think, just do. Have you read the War Of Art? It's about taking ACTION. The most successful people in life aren't necessarily the smartest or most organized...they are the ones that take action then tweak, adjust, learn and perfect.

Gretchen Stewart Panelist

Gretchen Stewart

Was this helpful? Please reach out to me for any questions, concerns or comments. What has helped you maximize your day??

With love, Gretchen