What Freedom Is Not

What Freedom Is Not: Part 1 of the Freedom Series


We are chained.


We are at the feet of our abuser, our eyes squeezed begging for more



We are bound, our slave master looms over us from the time we wake up until we lay our heads on the pillow sizing up our day against our pseudo-friends on FaceBook.


We are shackled to deadweight. Nothing we ever do is enough to lift him.





We open our eyes and finally look over and SEE....the irons aren’t connected?


We thought that this was “life”, our vision vertiginous by the billion dollar “master” telling us what to eat, wear, look like, buy and that we will never, ever, ever be enough.


Our imprisoner is bought and paid for. Our perception of reality is clouded and blurred by the bright flashing lights of the marketing and advertising industry.


We do not need all that stuff to be happy. That is not FREEDOM.


The very things we are striving for; the closet full of clothes we semi-like, the junk drawers full of forgotten notes and dead batteries, the “atta-girl, atta-boy’s” on social media and the 1,000 extra square feet of unused space in our house does not matter when we are cold and lifeless under grass and dirt.


Freedom is not filling our pockets  with “patent green” flattened out cotton fibers.  “Another 50k and I’ll be ok” “Oh wait, I need another 100k”...it will never end when we think like that.

The vicious cycle of chasing more of the unattainable imprisons us.


Freedom? If it can't be bought....what is it?

Sure, we all have different interpretations. Here’s what it’s NOT:


  • Caring what size goody bags the other mothers make each holiday for your daughter's kindergarten class. One upping is not freedom.

  • Making 200k a year but spending 250k in order to delusion ourselves into thinking we make 300k. Living beyond our means is not freedom.

  • Going to TJ MAXX every Friday after payday to buy more mediocre, poorly made leggings and coffee mugs only to have the adrenaline rush dissipate as soon as we get home and tuck our new purchases away. Owning more stuff is not freedom.

  • Hating what we do to pay the bills is not freedom.

  • Saying YES! To every committee, party, meeting and event that’s thrown our way. Living our life on other people’s agenda is not freedom.

  • Boasting on social media in order to get more "likes". Peacocking in hopes of being accepted is not freedom.


What is freedom to you?