Healing Alchemy

healing alchemy

Increase your wellness, happiness, quality of relationships. Claim your sense of joy, love and peace that is for all of us. Decrease stress, pain, thought patterns and other “junk” that is holding you back from your Divine right to feel happy, healthy and vibrant.

Healing Alchemy Sessions are done remotely or by video call. Gretchen will tap into your energetic field with her angelic team and guides to help clear you and raise your vibrational frequency for increased health, vitality and overall well being. Gretchen is a level 1 Master Alchemist and currently in a year long soul download program learning energetic architecture.

What is alchemy?

Which is the process of removing low frequencies such as fear, anger, pain, shame, guilt, unworthiness and replacing them with love, joy, truth, grace, compassion, worthiness and gratitude. I use science and spirituality. Healing alchemy uses constructs, designs, photon bands of light, mathematical equations, symbols and more to heal. it removes the gunk holding you back and replaces with the beautiful energy.

Healing Alchemy with Gretchen includes:

  • Chakra clearing or replacing

  • Reassigning non-beneficial frequencies, beings, and more

  • Clearing of non-beneficial thought forms, dark energies, negative programing, blockages and more

  • DNA upgrades

  • Identifying and clearing emotional energy blockages

  • Clearing karma and agreements

  • Psychic surgery

Things I’ve worked on: Chronic fatigue, migraines, stomach issues, depression, fears, letting go of relationships, eye pain, ankle pain, lungs, knee injury, colds, sore throat, skin issues, chronic headaches, IBS, trauma, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, repeating patterns, inflammation and more

*Healing sessions are not a magic wand. But, I'm learning that when someone truly wants healing, I can be the conduit for that. I only do what I'm allowed to (Source/Creator/God works through me). Sometimes, it frees up enough garbage to get you on a new trajectory and that is just so DIVINE. Maybe I'm just able to take the edge off but often, the symptom goes away forever. Also note, healing bigger, more complex issues doesn't usually happen in an instant but gets better over subsequent sessions and clearing*

How to work with me:

  1. I have a free Sunday Remote healing group open for all. All you need to do is message me to get on the list! This is completely remote (energy transcends space and time) and through the quantum field. It’s like a super charged powerful prayer session!

  2. My Soul Spa! A private membership group with powerful healings, support, community and teaching. Read more about my Soul Spa here!

  3. Private 1:1 clients. This space is limited and for the person who is ready to change their life drastically!

Send me a message below to request more information or to get on my Sunday healing list!

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Gretchen Stewart

It’s crazy to me that I’m creating this page on my website. “Healing Alchemy” “Esoteric Tuning” “Spiritual and energy work”….who am I??!!

What a wild ride it’s been finding my Divine Purpose. Long story short, I was sick. Like, super sick. Diagnosed with autoimmune diseases including Hashimotos, Epstein Barr Virus, CIRS (basically mold toxicity). BII (Breast implant illness), Lyme, adrenal fatigue and post-menopausal hormones. The crazy thing was, I was a healthy, active positive person and I just couldn’t understand why I was sometimes bedridden. It was mild in my late 20’s…I thought the fatigue was a result of my ER/ICU nursing career or my heartbreaking divorce. In my 30’s I had a couple miscarriages (and also two beautiful children) and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. But it got worse from there. The fatigue was crippling at times despite my positive attitude, safe and wonderful home life, healthy eating and working out. I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on blood tests, special bio-identical hormones, supplements, special smoothies, and so much more.

I discovered Breast Implant Illness and thought aha, this is IT. The root cause. (no doc was looking for the root cause and I was going to the best of the best Functional Medicine docs). I found a great surgeon and was planning my implant removal but I had this nagging feeling that it wouldn’t completely heal me. Through Divine intervention, an acquaintance of mine DID get hers removed and did not get better after. She finally found an energy healer that changed her life.

So, I was planning a trip to Italy that summer for a month with my kids (my husband had to work). I was deeply afraid that I would flare up and be bedridden while there so as a last resort, desperate attempt I reached out to the energy healer that helped my acquaintance. I had this feeling that I wasn’t addressing the emotional or spiritual side of my illnesses. Yes, they were “real” in a conventional sense. I have the blood work and official diagnoses. But, I had this innate knowingness that it was deeper.

I called this energy/spiritual healer with an open heart and mind and maybe a tad bit of desperation. After one hour of our conversation I felt immensely better! I started forgetting my supplements and hormones (which all cost me about $400-$500 a month) but still felt amazing. So, I signed up for her 7 day “session” still not knowing what that meant. And life was never the same again.

She addressed the things no one ever did (like what I listed above). I was free, and light, and healthy and so so vibrant again! I felt like myself and I could finally be fully present with my family. I went to Italy and had the time change, wine daily, the forbidden GLUTEN and even some personal stress and was still healthy! After I came back we worked together to tweak some more things and all of my prior symptoms disappeared. No more debilitating fatigue. No more food sensitivities. No more brain fog. No more body aches.

Then one night I was traveling and away from home. I got a sore throat and a fever and was like, no way, can’t do this. So that night I didn’t know what I was doing but just put some Frankincense essential oil on my throat, put a random bunch of crystals on my throat and started meditating. Well, holy crap. I saw these green orbs and felt this angelic presence (later to find out Archangel Raphael uses green healing light). I was spoken to and healed that night. Long story short. After that, I realized I didn’t need anything else in my life really. So I naturally just started focusing on other people. Whomever came to mind I felt needed some love and healing so meditated on them. I was shown things and led to help heal them. I talked to my healer who reminded me…yes, my channels have opened after clearing, yes I’m a natural healer but to remember, I’m merely a conduit. Source/Creator/God works THROUGH me. I’m not the healer. And to ask for assistance/permission and all that.

Well, one thing led to another. I started practicing on friends and family. I took shamanic classes. I worked more with my healer. Opened up more channels. Meditated. Practiced. Asked God for help. And my abilities grew! All of a sudden, things I thought were miracles started happening. I even tried to convince myself they were coincidences but no, they were not. One thing led to another, working on friends for free, taking donations then finally coming out to the world to share my Divine gift.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude every day that Source/Creator/God has trusted me with this responsibility. I cannot express how deeply fulfilling it is to know I’m living my divine purpose. I know it with all my heart. Even with conditioning, outdated societal programming and negative belief systems I’ve slowly been shedding, I’m full of trust in Spirit and gratitude and lots of LOVE.

I am so grateful my path crossed with yours because I truly don’t believe I would be where I am today if not for you! My heart is filled with so much joy for you & all the people who have & will be able to finally get to experience the magical things I have been lucky enough to feel. It feels amazing to finally be the person I always thought I was deep inside but spent countless hours & money searching to figure out how to tap into but now I no longer have to search as you’ve helped me get the answers I was looking for. Love you!
— Olivia S.
With the three sessions we have had together, I have experienced a beautiful change within. Emotionally, mentally and physically. I can’t thank you enough for guiding me, healing me and giving me a part of my life back. Your healing work is phenomenal and a true blessing, I can’t wait for more people to experience the major shift I have felt and experienced since working together. From the bottom of my heart, thank you ♥️
— Cristina E.
I am so amazed at the things you told me, the truth in it all was like an arrow to my heart, but one of warmth and positivity and encouragement.

Like you said, there WAS a blockage in my solar plexus, I was aware of it but didn’t know how to clear it. I was constantly holding tension around it, I think it’s what was causing my stomach issues. Now I feel that blockage is clear, I feel my energy swirling efficiently through, for the first time in so many years! The immense relief of having that blocked feeling depart from my body is what is bringing the tears. They are tears of happiness!
— Lisa Z.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for you time and energy you put into helping me! I am very grateful for your all the energy work you have done with me. I feel really good about my forward trajectory into the life I am meant to live and create. I feel really good in general right now. I love all the ideas, thoughts and suggestions you’ve given me.
— Katherine K.