Gretchen Stewart

At 30, Gretchen bought a one way ticket to Ireland and proceeded to travel the world.

She had spent her 20's working on her career as a Registered Nurse and traveling North America, always seeking experiences, wisdom and adventure. Her 30's brought 8 years of traveling Europe, Asia and Central America. After running a business in Costa Rica, she decided to move to Florida to raise her family. During this time she battled a debilitating illness that she fought hard to overcome.

Gretchen's unique perspective on life......sprinkled with caring for the dying as a nurse, volunteering in major world disasters, kicking sickness in the butt, experiencing many of the world cultures, being an avid reader her whole life.... has inspired her to write books to share what has brought her joy, happiness and purpose.

She founded Sunshine Press, a boutique publishing company created as an outlet to empower herself and other driven authors to produce life changing books without the complexity of major publishing houses. By eliminating the stress of uber exclusive gatekeepers, they are able to focus on creating unique, powerful works of art with their words and stories. Their purpose is to spread joy through their books.

Her upcoming book projects include a co-authored book about overcoming challenges (to be released summer of 2017), a solo book about joy, a success series and several children's books. As a mother of two young children she dreams of giving them the tools she's honed over the course of her life in order to help empower them to be the best THEM they can be.

Gretchen has also published a 90 day journal to joy called the Joy Manifesto.

In addition to these projects, Gretchen also designs and coordinates Joy Of Living Retreats. These rejuvenation retreats are all inclusive travel experiences in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. These retreat experiences are created for your inspiration, relaxation and to leave you with tools to recreate the joy you feel during your time with her in your every day life. Our goal is to create community through shared travel and to provide guests with authenticity, adventure and joyful living. 

At every retreat Gretchen teaches Joy Of Living Workshops peppered into hands-on activities and local attractions.